Welcome to VUU

Valley UU (VUU) is a vibrant intergenerational Unitarian Universalist congregation located in Chandler, AZ, part of the fast-growing East Valley of the Greater Phoenix metropolitan area.  We are an active and growing congregation, full of passionate and committed members and friends, grounded in the history and heritage of liberal religion.  Our shared ministry enlists the congregation in living out the values we proclaim.  At home, at church, and in the greater community, we strive to make a world that is based on mutual understanding and respect.

VUU provides a welcoming diverse community that nurtures each person's life-long spiritual journey, creates a place of peace and celebration, and strives for social justice and sustainable living.  We seek to create lives of integrity, service, and joy.

Our Covenant

Love is the doctrine of this congregation;
The quest of truth is our sacrament;
And service is our prayer.
To dwell together in peace;
To seek knowledge in freedom;
To serve humankind in friendship;
Thus do we covenant.


Upcoming Events

Join Us for Sunday Service at 10:30AM

Children's Choir Rehearsals Every Wednesday at 6:15pm in Sanctuary.
Adult Choir Rehearsals Every Wednesday at 7:30pm in Sanctuary.

Valley Unitarian Universalist Congregation
6400 W Del Rio, Chandler, AZ 85226
(480) 899-4249